Contracts & Legal

Developing a contract that protects both sides is one of the most daunting tasks in any project. Luckily, every project on Crew starts with a built-in set of agreements, including IP ownership, contract termination, non-disclosure agreements, ownership of assets, and basic dispute resolution.

Contract Agreements

Although you’re unlikely to experience any issues working with the vetted, pre-screened professionals on Crew, we understand that you need protection.

Most issues arise from a lack of clear communication and expectations so we clearly outline our Terms & Conditions to each new member of Crew before they sign up for an account. All members on Crew are required to read everything about IP ownership, non-disclosure agreements, and ownership of assets before working on or submitting a project.

IP Protection

When working with a Crew professional, the project owner retains all proprietary rights of project deliverables.

To protect both the project owner and Crew professional, any copyrightable results prepared by a Crew professional related to a contract on Crew are owned by the Crew professional until payment has been made by the project owner and accepted by the Crew professional.

For questions, please refer to Crew’s IP Terms & Conditions.