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Looking to outsource JavaScript development? Finding a developer that you’re comfortable working with is as important as your project itself. At Crew, we’ll hand-pick a freelance Javascript developer to bring your idea to life.

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Luke — freelance javascript developer


New York, United States of America

Luke Miler is a designer and developer based out of Berlin, who has built an impressive client list with the likes of Tinder, Skullcandy, and Basecamp. Take a look at his full profile here: https://app.crew.co/user_profiles/view/29358

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Justin — freelance javascript developer


New York, United States of America

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Chris — freelance javascript developer


San Francisco, California, United States of America

Chris Gerringer is a San Francisco-based full-stack developer and artist with a talent for sharp UI/UX. He's done some pretty solid work for Particulr (http://particulr.co/) and Cory Vines (https://ca.coryvines.com/yearinreview?locale=en), for example. You can see more of his work on his Crew profile: https://app.crew.co/user_profiles/view/21226

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Crew connects you with a top freelance javascript developer and a smart project management system created specifically for design and development projects. 99% of our projects have been completed on time, on budget and issue-free.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses find freelancers to build brands, websites, and apps. Millions of people have used websites and apps made by a Crew freelance JavaScript developer or studio. Startups like Blubel, Zipbooks and Companion chave come to Crew to create stand-out websites. And when Venture Capitalist Om Malik needed a new website, he came to Crew.

I’ve worked with a lot of designers and there’s often a lot of drama. But Crew just nailed it. They’ve been very good at making everything work for me and just everything is amazing.”

— Om Malik, Founder of Gigaom and Partner at True Ventures

My Crew experience has been great. The process is very thoughtful.”

— Jason Fried, Founder/CEO of Basecamp

Should I use JavaScript with my website?

Whether you’re building a website, app, even drones or emulators, there’s a good chance you’ll need to use JavaScript. JavaScript is arguably the world’s most versatile development language.


JavaScript allows you to turn static elements into interactive functions, like a pop-up login window, expanding boxes, and infinite scroll. JavaScript is the primary language used to build mobile-friendly websites, and it’s used for websites like Twitter, Google Maps, and Facebook.

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Hire from our exclusive network of freelancers

Crew is a network of freelance designers, developers, and small studios, matched to you in under 24 hours