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Looking to outsource PHP development? Finding a developer that you’re comfortable working with is as important as your project itself. At Crew, we’ll hand-pick a freelance PHP developer to bring your idea to life.

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Luke — freelance php developer


New York, United States of America

Luke Miler is a designer and developer based out of Berlin, who has built an impressive client list with the likes of Tinder, Skullcandy, and Basecamp. Take a look at his full profile here: https://app.crew.co/user_profiles/view/29358

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Bradley — freelance php developer


San Francisco, California, United States of America

Bradley is the founder at Scal.io, a small agency whose work has been featured on TechCrunch, Wired and Mashable. Needless to say, their iOS work is pretty damn sharp. Brad and his team designed and developed the most recent version of the Brit & Co app. Check out their work here: https://app.crew.co/user_profiles/view/19028

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Rudy — freelance php developer


Montreal, Québec, Canada

Rudy Abitbol is the founder and president of Pixel Society, a full-service e-commerce digital agency based in Montreal. They create engaging e-commerce and marketing experiences for leading brands and retailers such as Pajar Canada, Spiffy Society, Fondation Charles Bruneau and Dannyco. Take a look at their work ad full range of services here: https://app.crew.co/user_profiles/view/42986

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Crew connects you with an best in class php developer and a smart project management system created specifically for design and development projects. 99% of our projects have been completed on time, on budget and issue-free.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses hire freelancers and studios to build their brand, website or app. Over the past 4 years, millions of people have used products created by a Crew freelance PHP developer. We helped startups like Blubel, Zipbooks and Companion create websites that stand out, and we found a developer to update Eventbrite’s app that’s done over $1.5 billion in ticket sales. When Venture Capitalist Om Malik needed a new website, he came to Crew.

I’ve worked with a lot of designers and there’s often a lot of drama. But Crew just nailed it. They’ve been very good at making everything work for me and just everything is amazing.”

— Om Malik, Founder of Gigaom and Partner at True Ventures

My Crew experience has been great. The process is very thoughtful.”

— Jason Fried, Founder/CEO of Basecamp

What can a freelance PHP developer do for my business?

PHP is used to create dynamic websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Quora , where users view and submit content and information, which is then available to other users. It works to communicate with the server that stores that information, and the page or app that the user actually sees and interacts with.

Freelance Php Developer

While PHP is falling out of favour for high-volume sites and commercial infrastructures, it’s still incredible popular and useful for small-to-medium sized websites. Plus, PHP7 has recently been released, showing a commitment towards developing in new directions for its users, and that PHP may be able to stay relevant despite new competition.

Now, all of that said, it’s important to build your product with the right language. Our experienced freelance PHP developers and programmers will help you choose between the different options for your project.

To build a moderately-sized website on the fly, PHP may be ideal.

If you need to quickly launch a web app, Ruby on Rails may be your best bet.

And for a more refined or elegant product, Python’s object-oriented capabilities could best serve your project.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about using the right tool for the job.

You’re in good company.

Thousands of projects have been completed by Crew’s award-winning design and development community for some of the world’s most respected companies.

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Hire from our exclusive network of freelancers

Crew is a network of freelance designers, developers, and small studios, matched to you in under 24 hours