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Interested in working at Crew? Here's what it's all about.

We’re currently looking for:

  • Sales Engineer (Senior, Anywhere)
  • Marketing / Growth (Senior, Montreal)

Scroll to the bottom of this page for more details on these openings. If you’re interested in working with us, but your job is not listed above, you can still get in touch.

This page is for full-time positions with Crew. If you’re a developer or designer you can also apply as a freelancer to work on our platform.

Are you right for Crew?

We’re all about finding the right fit.

Working at Crew is something new. We’re defining the future of work, but in order to do that we first have to live it. So you won’t find our company values on a poster on the wall. We don’t care when you work. Or where. Or how.

But make no mistake, this freedom adds another level of challenge to an already demanding role. Working at Crew will be a challenge. Possibly the biggest one you’ve ever faced. Fighting against the traditional work structure is not easy. You will need discipline, tons of self-motivation, and a strong desire to get stuff done. We won’t tell you what to do, so if you’re looking for a place to learn a new craft, this isn’t it. Crew is a place to put your skills to the test. Refine them. And work with others who are doing the same.

The Facts

Crew is a marketplace for talented makers to do great work.

We’re a group of about a dozen people, which is part of a larger team that includes our sister companies Unsplash and the Crew Collective and Café. We’re all based in Montréal, Canada in our amazing hybrid café / office / co-working space. We do welcome remote teammates, but after you see our space you won’t want to work anywhere else. Take a look:

Our office space is in the old headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada. The built in 1928 and it's absolutely stunning.
Our office space is in the old headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada. It was built in 1928 and it’s absolutely stunning today.

Working in an inspiring place is great because, let’s not sugar-coat it, building a company is a lot of work. Managing your own schedule — like everyone here does, from hours they work to how much vacation time they take — takes discipline. There are successes and triumphs, sure, but also roadblocks, failures, and lots of housekeeping to be done. Consistently being creative doesn’t come easy. There’s no time to waste and you have to make tough calls every day.

It’s not for everyone, but you get to work with the best.

The Work

With Crew, we’re building an intricate collaboration platform. It has features of project management, CRM, CMS, and messaging apps. Just to name a few. It’s all about figuring out the process from each side of the marketplace, refining the process, and combining common tools in ways that no one has thought of. It’s about building the right experience for both sides — the creative professionals and those who hire them. Our product though is not just software. Our amazing support team is just as much a part of the Crew product as any line of code we write. And then there’s our uber-creative marketing team and their side projects, both of which live in a colorful world all their own.

We’re all in this together and we all have the best intentions. You will have clear expectations, difficult conversations when they aren’t met, and shared pride when they are.

We are open and transparent. This isn’t a place where you protect your knowledge for “job security”. We share. This isn’t a place where you show up on day one with nothing to do. This is place where you dive in right away and sink or swim.

The Openings

While we encourage everyone to get in touch, here are the areas in which we’re currently short-handed:

Sales Engineer (Senior)

If you know your tech stacks and love helping people find the right solution for their projects, come join us a Sales Engineer. You will mainly be responsible for inbound prospecting and sale but will also be helping our customers through the full lifecycle of their projects. The ideal candidate will have experience with both quoting and selling technical projects as well as have hands on experience building applications.

A bit about you:

  • Experience selling large application projects
  • Technical experience or knowledge
  • You love helping people find the right solution
  • You’re goal driven

Marketing / Growth (Senior, Montreal)

At Crew, we’ve always marketed in our own way. Mixing traditional ways and innovative new ways of spreading the word about our company, we’ve always chosen to do things in our own unique way.

Fast Company, Quartz, and The Next Web covered our way of doing business as the marketing of the future.

We plan to approach common online growth strategies like SEO and email marketing, in our uncommon, unique way. What does taking SEO or email marketing to another level look like? That’s what we’ll find out together.

Make it past the noise

We get a ton of applications, but few grab our attention. And if you’ve read all of this, then you care enough to do better. To rise above. Well you’re in luck my friend, because it only takes a few steps to stand out:

  1. Read this article about the biggest mistakes we see when people contact us
  2. Click the link next to the job you’re interested in to make sure your email goes into the correct pile
  3. Send us something a bit more impressive than a resume and cover letter.

Thanks for your interest in working with Crew. Let’s do this thing.