How it Works

You have a project that needs high-quality creative work. We have a network of handpicked and vetted professionals who are ready to get their hands dirty. We find you a match and ensure the process is smooth from beginning to end.

Crew helps you in each stage of your project:

Why should I submit my project on Crew?

Crew professionals bring a wealth of experience and skill to help your project standout, increase conversions, and ultimately be successful. Every professional has a proven track-record of building top products that launch on time and on budget.

Save time and money by connecting with an experienced professional, ready to work on your project, in under 48 hours.

Get help along the way from our team. We’re here to help you choose the right budget, set the right scope, and answer any questions you might have.

How do I connect with my professional?

Once your project is approved, we’ll match you up with a great professional. Then you can talk with them directly in Crew.

  • In-Crew message system keeps both parties safe
  • Refine the scope with our help, and kickoff your project when you’re both ready
  • Share files/screenshots in Crew as you go, keeping everything in one place

How do contracts work?

Every project starts with a set of basic agreements, outlined in the Terms and Conditions, including IP ownership, contract termination, non-disclosure agreements, ownership of assets, and basic dispute resolution. In addition to these terms, each project can include its own contract that outlines any special cases not covered in the Terms and Conditions.

What about payments and security?

After you’ve found the right professional for your project, we make sure that your project funds are secure until project completion with our secure Pre-Pay Guarantee system.