Payments & Security

We’re committed to building a trusted, collaborative marketplace. We want you to have a wonderful experience. Because nothing is more important to us than ensuring your project runs smoothly, from start to finish.

Pre-Pay Guarantee System

Crew uses an innovative Pre-pay Guarantee payment system to ensure that both project owners and professionals feel confident in project funding.

Once a project owner is matched with a professional, and the scope is agreed upon by both sides, part or all of the funds are temporarily transfered to a secure account. When the project is complete and delivered, the project owner confirms the work and triggers the release of the funds to the professional.

  • Deposit the funds in Crew.
  • Funds are held in a secure account while the professional works on the project.
  • When the project owner receives the deliverables, they trigger the release of the funds.

Payment Protection

All financial transactions on Crew are facilitated through our secure system, ensuring peace of mind for both project owners and professionals. In order to ensure your money is safe and secure, only the project owner can trigger the release of these funds to your professional after your approval of project results.

If project payment is completed outside of Crew, we cannot guarantee any protection of funds, protection as outlined in our Terms & Conditions, or offer customer support.