You’d think there’d be a way to communicate with your friends, create events, and take polls all within a single app. Steven Buchko, an engineering senior at the University of Florida (and president of the honors organization for Industrial Engineers) found that simply just wasn’t the case.

Growing tired of taking part in endless email chains with his fraternity, Steven set out to create Agora, an iOS and Android app that allows groups to stay in touch and make plans.

Agora, which literally means ‘gathering place’, acts as a social hub for your group allowing you to chat with other members, plan parties or meetings, organize charity events, and quickly and easily vote on decisions. After dealing with other, more complicated options Steven knew how simple this app needed to be and started sketching out rough options for the design.

While he knew how to map out his app on paper, Steven knew he wouldn’t be able to develop Agora on his own. That’s when he found Crew and turned to us to help him find a collaborator for his project.


Finding the right collaborator

We scoured our list of developers to find someone with the right experience for Steven’s app. After going through our list of suggestions Steven chose Igor — a veteran Crew developer with numerous projects under his belt for both the App Store and Google Play.

Steven and Igor quickly got to work, discussing the vision for Agora and reviewing the drawings that Steven had put together. It didn’t take long for inspiration to strike, and Igor quickly got to work and created the early designs.

Being Steven’s first app, Igor’s expertise was instrumental in designing and developing Agora. He was able to provide a wealth of direction and guidance in terms of user experience and how to best lay out the different elements and tools in the app.

Despite being on opposite sides of the world (Steven in Florida, Igor in Estonia), they were able to collaborate and create a great product that they were both proud of.

The Final Result


In just 3 months, Igor brought Steven’s ideas to life. Going through several visual iterations, they finally landed on a design they both felt was perfect for Steven’s vision.

With just a few taps, you can use Agora to plan tonight’s BBQ, call somebody out for leaving the place a mess, set up polls to decide your next big event, or just be a wallflower and keep an eye on what’s going on with your group of friends. Everybody in your group has access to the events, message board and polls, so you’re always able to chime in and stay up to date, even if you’re slammed with studying, working late shifts, or just not one to constantly check your phone.

With Igor’s help, Agora was accepted into both the App Store and Google Play store and launched in early 2015.

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