Tiny Factory had spent little time focusing on their own identity for Brandistry, a brand asset management system. With a successful launch of the company behind them, they turned to Crew to help find a branding and identity expert.

The Tiny Factory team, led by well known entrepreneur, designer, and developer Michael Sacca, had just launched their brand asset management solution, Brandisty. After many months of quick iterations, user testing, and lots of customer feedback, the initial product was live—storing, serving, and resizing customer’s brand assets.

The team had spent little time focusing on the brand asset management system’s own branding, instead opting to smartly focus their entire attention on solving their customer’s problems. Being mainly web developers and web designers, the team had created a quick placeholder identity for Brandisty’s launch. With a successful launch behind them, they turned to Crew to help find a branding and identity expert. Within 48 hours Michael was matched with experienced designer Petr.

Design process

Where the previous logo had been vibrant but generic, the new logo needed to be instantly recognizable without distracting from customer logos and brand assets. Michael laid out a moodboard of logos, focusing on geometric vector-based logos.

Michael’s moodboard
Michael’s moodboard

As Petr explained in his initial communications with Michael, the best process for finding the initial concept was to explore as many ideas as possible using pencil and paper. With a number of different ideas in rough form, Michael worked with Petr to choose the best ideas to focus on.

Petr’s sketches
Petr’s sketches

The final product

After thoroughly exploring each option in detail, the Tiny Factory team landed on the symmetrical ambigram version of the ‘B’, altering the initially straight mark into an angled mark.


Visit Brandistry to see it in action.

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