In a perfect world, this app wouldn’t be needed. But the reality is, we need it. Badly.

Living in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Danny Freed and his team had seen the news headlines and trending stories of missing people and assault cases. Something had to change. And after researching and investigating digital safety apps, Danny realized nothing currently available worked. There was no simple way to have your friends keep an eye on you while you were out.

The goal? Create an app that acts as a personal escort or chaperone everywhere you go. Let your friends track your trip, complete with time estimates and the ability to call for help if needed.

The result was Companion, an app that turns your smartphone from a safety blanket into an actual safety device.


There was only one problem – they needed a developer. After working with other freelance developers on previous projects with varying degrees of success, they wanted a better solution.
Before diving into development, Danny set out to find the right balance of tools and features that would make Companion the go-to app for personal security.

To get the insight they needed, they went directly to the source and surveyed their target users. They found that the more steps involved in notifying your friends, the less effective the app would be. This seemingly minor detail would be critical in making sure the app was not only usable, but that people would use it time and time again.

Realizing that there were similar apps out there, Danny and co. aimed to create something that would set them apart. It needed to be simple. It needed to be automated. But most importantly, it needed to work.

Tinkering with sketches and continuously collecting feedback proved to be wildly helpful in creating the best user experience. After surveying dozens of trial users, they were ready to bring their vision to life.

That’s where Crew came in

Danny submitted his project to Crew and narrowed down the applicants to Brandon T., a super-talented iOS developed based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Brandon has been building awesome apps and managing iOS teams for over 5 years, and has loads of successful apps under his belt.

When Danny showed up with his prototype, Brandon knew this would be a great project with high expectations. And we knew he’d be a great fit.


Brandon hit the ground running with Danny’s designs and functioning prototype. And in less than 3 months, he had both the back and front-end of Companion built and ready to go.

After months of planning, drawing, and finally building, they’d created one seriously simple (and potentially life-saving) app.

With just a few taps you can select where you’re going, the route you’ll be taking and then send your friends a notification giving them the ability to track your trip. If anything seems to go off course, Companion will check with you to ensure everything is all right. If you don’t confirm, your selected friends will be alerted. And the police are never more than a tap away.


Picking up speed

Since its initial launch, Companion has exploded in popularity with tens of thousands of new users and Universities all across the US adopting it as their go-to personal safety service. Danny and his team’s message is also spreading far and wide with features on Companion getting millions of views on sites like Business Insider, International Business Times, Tech Insider, and even Cosmopolitan!

Download Companion today and give yourself some peace of mind.

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