Harish knew the market existed for a great online product centered around teaching design from the ground-up. He’d seen similar products succeed in other areas, teaching development and engineering skills. At the same time, the resurrgence of design-centered thinking was placing more and more value on high-quality design.

With his co-founder, Daniel, the two formed Designlab, a product focused on empowering a community of creators through design.

As a small two man team, the former product manager and front-end developer, Harish, was now tasked with turning their educational platform into a mecca for aspiring designers. For a design-centered product, Designlab needed a landing page that embodied the same principles of design that they sought to teach. As Harish reflected on his own design skills, he knew that he needed the help of an experienced designer.

“I’ve long known the importance of design and have admired the talented designers I worked with — but I was never really good at it myself.”

“I looked around and saw a bunch of awesome, engaging online resources to help people get better at programming — like Codecademy and Code School. But, the best option I could find for design was going to the local bookstore to read about design theory from books. I asked around and realized a lot of people were doing the same thing.”

Harish looked to Crew to provide that experience and was quickly matched with a talented designer and front-end developer, Kirill.

Connected by the Crew messaging system, the two quickly worked through ideas for the Designlab landing page. Not only did the design have to be visually balanced, but more importantly, the design had to convert — since the landing page was focused on increasing sign-ups for the Designlab course. With this in mind, Harish and Kirill seperately sketched out rough wireframes for the page.


With a visual direction and a rough wireframe in hand, Kirill set to work creating the landing page. Iterating quickly in Illustrator, Kirill used the design service RedPen to get high-quality feedback from Harish on the designs, solving each problem as it arose.

Finished product


View the live site.

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