Dog owners love their dogs and will do anything to keep their best friend happy. Socializing your dog is an important part of developing your pet to be comfortable around other people and animals and, if you don’t live in an area with leash-free dog parks, it can be hard to help your dog meet others. This was a problem that Andy Simon was well aware of, and he set out to solve the issue with Dogways.


Let’s take a walk

Andy’s idea for a location-based social media app was simple in theory: connect dog-owners so they can organize play dates, walks, or even basic interactions with their pets. And just maybe, the user would make some friends of their own, too.

But in practice, Andy needed some help. While he was comfortable mocking up pages and creating layouts for how he wanted the app to look and function, he needed help to execute the design.


On the advice of a friend and mentor, Andy approached Crew to find a designer for the job. We sent over a handful of options for him to choose from and while he initially chose a designer with more UX experience, he kept thinking about another designer: Gemma B.

After mulling it over, the decision was reversed and Andy went with Gemma, which turned out to be the best move he could have made.

Now that we’ve got a designer

Gemma may have had less UX experience, but she made up for it in spades with heaps of awesome design projects. Everything from corporate branding to playful illustrations and infographics to interactive editorials, Gemma had done it, and done it well.

Gemma’s supposed lack of UX experience didn’t slow her down for a second as she and Andy gelled instantly over their shared taste in style and design.

The goal was to create an app that was professional and user-friendly, without being too cute or childish. A difficult balance when you’re designing a social network for some of the most adorable creatures on the planet.

Being his first solo venture, Andy was very involved throughout the build process. For some, this level of outside input can be a distraction, but not only was it a non-issue for Gemma, she encouraged it. The more hands-on Andy was, the easier it was for her to know exactly what he wanted to see.

Time to play


When the app was finalized, Gemma had created something that was easier to use than getting Rover to sit, roll over, or give you a paw.

Dogways provides a clean and simple way to organize meet-ups for dog-owners. You can even share pictures of your furry friend within the app. The only issue for Dogways is that Apple devices aren’t very dog-friendly, so pooches have to rely on their owners to set them up with other dogs. Tough life, eh?

If you think your four-legged friend is suffering from social anxiety, Dogways is just what you’re after. And if you’re in NYC, head over to dogways.com to find playdates and events near you.

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