Leo Rivas-Micoud knew he was missing out on a huge market by being iOS only and came to Crew to build an Android version of his hybrid calculator app.


Our lives have undoubtedly improved with smartphones. Not many would argue that. Even with the new conveniences that have been added to our lives, there’s always room for more.


For instance, I can make shopping lists or budgets with my notepad apps, and use the calculator to total everything up. But why do these two very related utilities live apart from one another? FusionCalc brings the two together into one convenient little package, allowing you to label your numbers, save them for future use, and remember everything that you’re trying to add up.

But creating the app was only the beginning. FusionCalc founder Leo Rivas-Micoud already had an iOS version of his app in the App Store (with over 800k downloads) and he came to us to develop a version for Android, compatible with the different variations of screen sizes that come with Android (because why would they make it easy, with a consistent size?!)

For that, he needed a killer developer.

Finding the right developer

With the app’s design already outlined based on the iOS version, Leo entrusted us to find someone who was a master of designing and developing for Android devices. It may not be a start-from-scratch project, but with its own layers of complexity it was important to get it done right.

We provided Leo and his team at FusionCalc with a handful of portfolios to review and they quickly decided on Denley, an awesome developer based in Adelaide. Having developed many other Android apps, Leo immediately felt great handing this project over to Denley.

“I felt very comfortable having Denley handle the project because he had deep understanding of Android development and design guidelines. He even offered to integrate an in-app purchase option to remove the ads, which was something I had wanted. […] It really shows how much he was devoted to this project.”

Let’s get to work

Designing the app to work on all Android devices, regardless of screen size, proved to be the biggest hurdle. But Denley had it under control. He immediately started figuring out how to best design the pages of the app to look amazing on every device.


To optimize the app for all devices, Denley used a variety of font sizes, spacing, and placement of different elements within the app. These seemingly tiny details are things most users wouldn’t notice, but that’s because they just seem intuitive and natural (when done right, that is).


In a mere two weeks, Denley and Leo had worked together to finalize the development of the Android version of FusionCalc.

Now Android users can label and crunch numbers, save them for future or repeated use, and add memos to their calculations. FusionCalc takes something so seemingly simple and makes it even easier. And now, it’s accessible for everybody, regardless of your device (save for you Windows Phones and BlackBerry users.)

Coming up on 1M downloads

Since launching the Android version of the app, FusionCalc has been downloaded almost 850,000 times across both platforms.

Leo also just renewed a contract with KDDI Corporation, one of the the Big 3 telecom companies in Japan, who have installed the app on over 21,000 employee iPads. Not too bad at all.

Grab FusionCalc from either the App Store or Google Play.

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