To receive a line of credit from a bank small business owners often have to wait 4–6 weeks—a timeframe that can be life or death for fledgling companies. Like any good entrepreneur, Eric Uva saw this not as a problem but as an opportunity.

Much like two flints come together to create a fire, teamwork enables two people to come together to create something more than they could individually. This is the story of how two disparate professionals came together to create a fire in the banking industry.

Stage 1: Vision

In early 2014, Eric, a Boston College grad with 12 years of experience in the capital investment and lending industry, realized the change the industry needed—a shift to something lighter, quicker, and more agile.

He began working on his idea for banking innovation called Indivisible—a platform that would provide small businesses across America with lightning fast, flexible lines of credit in 48 hours or less.

With a viable business idea and a growing vision, Eric needed to put together a team to build a brand and a website.

Stage 2: Team

“Finding quality, pre-vetted professionals that can hit the ground running (and teach me a thing or two) was a huge advantage in getting Indivisible from the concept to execution.”

Eric began his search on various online marketplaces looking for freelance designers with the talent to execute on his vision for Indivisible. However, he found many of the available services frustrating and difficult to work on. Without being able to see actual work samples he felt like he was choosing blindly—not at all how he envisioned the process.

Eric knew he needed a platform that would match his own passion for the project. That’s when he turned to Crew.

After outlining his vision of the Indivisible brand and website and coming up with a budget, Eric submitted his proposal to Crew who matched him with multiple high-quality professionals in less than 48 hours.

Impressed by the process, he interviewed and researched the applicants and their work, searching for the perfect partner for his team. Eric wanted a designer who wasn’t just looking for work but someone who actually jived with the Indivisible vision and believed in the product.

He selected Reuben W., the mastermind behind a design house in Montreal, Quebec. Reuben’s portfolio immediately piqued Eric’s interest and after a brief conversation he knew his long search had finally ended.

Stage 3: Brand


The team got to work, developing initial sketches for the Indivisible brand. Eric learned a lot from Reuben during the design process, such as that it is best to work on the visual identity of the concept first before anything else. Beginning this way, Reuben explained, equips the team with the tools needed to build everything else.

Initially, Reuben proposed a ‘system of parts’ idea that looked like graphical building blocks. While the concept proved too complex in the end, elements of these sketches are evident in the final design.

After the concept sketches, Reuben presented three logo font options. Eric wanted something simple with a sense of security and chose the first option.


Next, they worked on an insignia to pair with the selected font—something that would quickly and visually represent the company’s tone of voice, offering, and essence.

Reuben came back to Eric with three designs. The team decided on version 1 because it represented the functional and continual relationship Indivisible has with its small business clients.


Stage 4: Development


With a brand identity in place, the team moved into the development stage of the project. Reuben worked on the entire design in code from wireframe to final production. With all of the graphic assets already in hand Reuben was able to streamline the website design process.

In little time the basic wireframe prototype was up.

“In Reuben, we not only found someone wholly capable of designing Indivisible.co, we found a thought partner willing to go the extra mile to help define our brand and support our transition from concept to launch.”

Stage 5: Launch

After buttoning up the last few details, Indivisible.co launched and has already evaluated credit from 300 small business across the US, supporting them with short-term working capital loans to help them get started and grow.

But this is only the beginning. Eric and his team have been accepted into the Village Capital FinTech accelerator program and are currently talking to other accelerators and seed stage funders.

Know a small business that needs a leg up? Indivisible is getting ready to transform the banking industry and give the underdogs all the help they need to reach their full potential.

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