This is the story of how two nineteen-year-olds committed to bringing their idea to reality and built an app that would go on to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding.

Many entrepreneurs today dream of building an app that is worth millions of dollars. Yet there is a wide chasm between those with an idea, and those who actually execute.

Party planning made easy

Formerly known as Klike (the Danish word for clique,) the Kyte mobile app allows users to create events and inform friends of the important details—date, time, location, what to wear—right from their smartphone.

With no coding experience, the founders launched full force into building the app themselves. But time was scarce. As full-time students, both with extra-curricular commitments, Eduardo Escobar and Luis Polito found it difficult to carve out time not only to learn how to code but also develop the product itself.

After weeks of trying, the pair found that the time and results of their coding attempts were not worth the perspiration. They called it a day and began searching for an experienced developer. Fortunately, the time spent self-developing the idea was not in vain. In fact, it allowed the founders to hone their vision and get a better feel for what they were looking for in an app builder.

But finding a capable developer they could trust proved to be a difficult hurdle.

“It was after developing a mock-up that we began the search for developers who would enable the coding for our app, since neither of us knew how. It was then that we found Crew, an incredible company that enabled the platform necessary to find adequate professionals to work with.”

Finding their developer

With mock-ups and copy in hand their desperate search for a developer ended when they found Crew.

They submitted their project and after interviewing a few developers selected Chris, an Australian iOS senior developer and software engineer with decades of experience. Chris was a perfect fit for the needs of the Kyte founders.

After outlining the project milestones and goals, the three began working full-steam ahead.

One platform

One of the great benefits of Kyte is its smooth integration with other platforms such as text, email, and social media.

Event planners can send invites out seamlessly through Kyte to friends in their most preferred method of communication. For example, if you have friends you want to invite over for a coffee cupping party but not all of them use Facebook or regularly check their email, Kyte allows you to send Facebook invites to the Facebook friends and texts to the email-detached friends with a few seamless taps on your phone.

After the invite, event planners are able to chat with invitees to manage questions and generate pre-event hype.

Getting it right

Eduardo, Luis, and Chris discovered that integration with so many platforms is not an easy task. With the fluidity of social media and the persistent evolution of mobile software, the Kyte app needed to be adaptable and fully up-to-date before release.

One challenge specifically involved the invite system. At the time of development, Facebook had recently adjusted policies, which meant the Kyte policies required adjustment as well. After discussing the situation with Chris, the system was updated to fit the new requirements.

As the development process progressed, more bugs were found and needed to be fixed. The duo worked with Chris to identify as many as possible and remedy the system errors before the final submission, Kyte 1.22 (22 updates), was sent to the AppStore.


Building a company

With the help of Chris, Eduardo and Luis’s dream of creating an app has made the shift from an idea to reality. Not only are they excited about their new startup, but the experience of the journey to get there has been genuinely life-changing.

Eduardo and Luis haven’t slowed down since launching the first version of Kyte. The app brought some serious attention to the duo who recently took in $300k in funding on a $3 million valuation.

“Without the help of Crew and its systems of milestones that work perfectly for both developers and the founders, we would not have been able to create Kyte. Our highest recommendation and gratitude is owed to Crew.”

The latest version of Konvene is now available in the App Store with an Android version in the works.

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