Ludlow Ventures

Jonathon, founder at Ludlow Ventures, realized his company’s website was becoming archaic. The outdated and choppy design wasn’t cutting it any more.


As a venture capitalist firm, Ludlow thrives on attracting entrepreneurs and startups looking for seed capital. But one thing was for certain: a timeworn website wasn’t going to attract the cutting-edge entrepreneurs of today. Jonathon set his mind to find someone to do “reconstructive surgery” to the Ludlow Ventures website. He said: “Our old site was a hack on a bum WordPress theme… started to look like a dirty closet. We wanted something clean and fresh.”

With that, Jonathon came to Crew. Crew matched Jonathon up with a developer named Tyler.

Immediately, Tyler got to work weaving Jonathon’s vision into plans for a brand new website. After discussions with Jonathon, Tyler noted the website needed to have more than just a simple re-design. It needed to have an impact on viewers that said we are the number one go-to venture capital firm for startups. At that, they put the vision on paper.


The criteria

Since the beginning, it was clear that the founders of Ludlow Ventures were at the heart of the firm. Their roles were integral to the identity and success of the business. Therefore, Jonathon and Tyler both knew the founders needed to be featured prominently on the website.

Our old site was a hack on a bum WordPress theme… started to look like a dirty closet. We wanted something clean and fresh.

Also, Jonathon wanted the site to have a minimalist design; meaning, he wanted the website to fit on a single page displaying content simplistically with lots of whitespace.

Finally, the last important feature the website needed was a way for Jonathon and his team to keep it updated. As Ludlow Ventures would back more startups in the future, the website would need the capability of reflecting this growth.

Featuring the portfolio

Tyler had his work cut out for him. With 50+ companies in Ludlow’s portfolio, each with two or more founders and descriptions, there was a lot of information to display on a single page. On top of that, how would the design maintain simplicity?

Tyler came up with an innovative expandable grid design that lets users dive into each company for more details. When a grid item (a portfolio company) was clicked, the row beneath expanded to reveal the details about the company and its founders.


The expandable grid worked on all devices and translates to mobile with the same features and no loss of information.

Brand repositioning


The portfolio grid design demonstrated Ludlow Ventures’ extensive experience and expertise as a venture capital firm. If viewers would only use the grid… The website needed something that would grab viewers instantly and intrigue them to want to learn more. Specifically, click into the portfolio grid.

Knowing strong visuals captured the eye, Tyler had an idea. Why not put vibrant photos of startup founders in a large slideshow at the top of the page? This feature engaged the viewer in a relational and personal manner. See below for a progression from beginning to end of the homepage slideshow.

Updating the portfolio

Jonathon and his team needed an interface on the back end of their website to add companies to their investment portfolio. But their was one problem: these guys were venture capitalists, not computer programmers. If they were going to be updating their website themselves, then the process would have to be extremely manageable and simple.

The end result was a streamlined content updating experience that cut out all the complicated work such as coding and formatting. What was left was a process as simple as posting a Facebook update. Simply add the logo, website link, description, and members and DONE.


The custom interface designed to make adding additional portfolio companies was streamlined and simple.

With the redesign provided by Tyler, Jonathon and the Ludlow Ventures team were armed and ready to attract capital-hungry startups through its brand new website. The scrappy, old appearance was done. Now, Ludlow Ventures had a new look: fresh, clean, and loaded with personal energy.

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