Sam Obrart realized his company needed a bit of a facelift. And when your job is to get people noticed, you better have a good logo. This is the story of Nurdit, a top-notch SEO company that helps you get noticed. Our job was to do the same for them.

Nurdit is already a successful company, but they wanted to give their brand a bit of a refresh. To do that, they needed a new logo—something that would stand out and work hard on its own, be legible in all sizes, and look professional without getting lost in the endless shuffle of icons and logos.

“Crew gave us the opportunity to pick from a selection of highly talented designers and find the person that was right for our project. We were thrilled with our designer Alexander who took all our thoughts and ideas and created us the perfect logo to build our brand on.”

Sam Obrart, Nurdit’s director, had a vision for their logo but wanted to put his idea into the hands of a professional designer to help pull it off. He turned to Crew to track down the right person for the job.

Sam quickly connected with Alexander E., a seasoned designer with a portfolio filled with logo projects for companies ranging from restaurants to tech start-ups.

Sam was confident that Alexander had the talent to understand what they were looking for, and the skill to perfect the design.

What’s a company gotta do to get noticed around here?

While Sam already had a vision for Nurdit’s new logo, Alexander knew the biggest challenge would be to take that vision and create something that was similar yet would stand out from everything else out there.

Alexander started out the old-school route with with a pen and pad, sketching out a few options.

Early sketches
Early sketches

Sam loved what he saw and the early sketches triggered a windfall of new ideas. They started going back and forth, riffing off of each other’s suggestions until Alexander came up with a slew of new designs.


They went through loads of options, toying with different elements and styles, but ultimately made a decision that really excited both of them. The final logo is clean, minimal, and stands out from the pack. Just like your site after Nurdit whips it into shape.

Final logo
Final logo

Seeing real results

A logo might seem like a surface-level change, but the new look has already done wonders for Sam and his team. Since the rebrand, Nurdit has had some of their most successful months to date, doubling their number of monthly SEO subscribers and even working with Barclays Bank on a digital initiative to help spread awareness about the importance of SEO for local businesses.

Are you in need of an SEO overhaul? Pay a visit to Nurdit and see how they can help. And if your branding needs a facelift, give us a shout and we’ll set you up with a killer designer like Alexander.

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