Despite giant advancements in the kinds of technology people were using to document their travel experiences, the interactions were largely the same and one dimensional. Take a photo, maybe write a note, and call it a day. Olivier Gillaizeau saw that what was missing was something dynamic and interactive.


Picplace is first and foremost a travel diary but one that aids in the documentation of your experience, adding a new layer of context. Say you are in England and you just happened upon a little hole-in-the-wall cafe in South Kensington, you want to remember exactly where this place is. That’s where Picplace comes in.

You open the app, snap a photo, and Picplace matches the photo’s GPS coordinates, saving the location for later. It’s up to you to decide if you want to share it with a few friends, to your social networks, or to keep it private. The best part is that this is also available offline—which given the shoddy access to internet or Wi-Fi—in many travel destinations—is a huge benefit.

Picplace is filled with rich animations that almost feel like a dance between the individual and the app. They serve as a sort of implicit guide to help someone utilize the full functionality of all the app has to offer.

For Olivier and co-creator & developer Andrew, getting these animations right was essential. If the timing was off even a little bit, the app wouldn’t feel complete, the animations would feel like an afterthought. That wasn’t an option. Instead the team worked through the challenges and now the animations in Picplace add a warm complexity and depth without feeling heavy. The animations feel at once both lightweight and robust.

Picplace wasn’t just about creating another travel app. It was about creating an app that seamlessly added and enhanced the traveling experience. There are an infinite number of beautiful places in the world, it would be a shame for us to forget them—and now we don’t have to.

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