Chad Newell is a 16-year veteran of the photography business and is familiar with the challenges associated in the industry. Chad decided to build a company to fix some of them. It was called Snapwire and represented a new way for photographers and photo buyers to connect on demand.


When you start making something you never quite know how special it might be. Usually, you just know that there is an unsolved problem begging to be solved.

“We built Snapwire as a better way for image buyers to get photos by connecting mobile photographers directly with photo buyers. Buyers post a photo request on Snapwire, and mobile photographers compete creatively to submit their best photos. Buyers get unique images quickly and affordably, and the winning photographers get paid.”

One of the most important pieces of making this process simple would be the creation of the iPhone app. This would allow photographers to receive requests on the go, and instantly send these photos to photo buyers with a tap.

Chad initially wrote to Crew to find an iPhone developer that could help build a few core features of the Snapwire app. Within a couple days, Chad connected with Jacob K., a mobile developer part of a small mobile studio called Airnauts. Jacob has worked on over 30 mobile apps that have scaled to hundreds of thousands of members.

After the project began, Snapwire started to take hold with the photography community. 8,000 members had signed on, including some of the best mobile photographers in the world like Daniel Waldron, Kat Irlin, and Ravi Vora.

Because Snapwire started to grow, the development on the product needed to speed up. Chad decided to extend a longer-term contract with Jacob on a monthly basis to help push the Snapwire app forward.



Jacob worked alongside the Snapwire team, and a few months later, Snapwire was live in the App Store. Use it to access real-time paid photo requests, upload your collections, and find talented photographers.

In the last few years, Snapwire has turned the stock photography industry on its head. The app was featured in the App Store’s Photo/Video category, bringing an influx of amazing photographers into their community.Snapwire now houses more than 1.5 million photos from 84,000 photographers representing 200 countries around the globe.

And business is looking good too. 7,500 business and brands have already signed up for Snapwire, with 5,100 photos being purchased and 2000 total challenges and requests completed.

Now, Snapwire is exploring the possibility of filing for a Regulation A mini-IPO, made possible by a new Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act regulation enacted earlier this summer. Since the soft announcement of the mini-IPO, they have already received more than $10 million in pledges from approximately 1,000 users.

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