Refer work to Crew

Refer work to Crew and earn a percentage of every funded project.

The right fit everytime

We have freelancers and small studios for projects of all types and sizes. No matter what your client needs, we have the right match for them.

Earn cash on every milestone

Each time a project milestone is funded, you’ll receive a commission direct-deposited into your account. No followups. No hassle.

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How to refer work to Crew

As easy as forwarding an email

Simply forward along any leads from potential clients to your Crew account assistant, who will take care of connecting them to someone in your Crew Pro. It’s that easy.

Make money on the jobs you don’t take

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? You make passive revenue on the jobs you refer to your Crew Pro and can set your percent commission of the budget.

By humans, for humans

We know that reputation and trust is everything. That’s why all projects, members, and partners are personally reviewed by our team. It’s also why agencies like Ideo and Fueled and companies like Squarespace have trusted us to help source freelancers and studios for over $30M in contracts over the past 3 years.

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By referring work to Crew you’ll earn passive income and help match your potential clients with the right person every time.

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